About us

Welcome to EPD Square. Founded by LCA consultants, our story began with a vision to create a program operator that prioritizes transparency, fairness, and user experience.

In response to opaque pricing models and sudden changes, we envisioned a platform where pricing is transparent, fair, and consistent. At EPD Square, we believe in offering clarity and stability to our clients, ensuring that they always know what to expect.

We understand that every EPD project is unique, and the verifier selection process should reflect that. Therefore, we created a system to pair EPD projects to relevant verifiers based on expertise and suitability.

Our goal is to streamline the EPD process, making it more intuitive, accessible, and user-friendly for everyone involved.

Prof. Silvia Vilcekova
Co-founder and Programme Manager

For over two decades, Silvia has contributed to the field of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), establishing herself as a renowned expert. Throughout her career, she has created Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for various product types and provided third party verification services for an even larger range of products types for multiple programme operators. Silvia is an active member to various committees dedicated to shaping LCA and EPD standards and methodologies.

Currently, Silvia holds the position of Director at the Institute of Sustainable and Circular Construction at the Technical University of Kosice. Additionally, she serves as the chairman of the Technical Committee TK112 for Sustainable Construction.

Samuel Sura
Co-founder and CEO

Samuel, a committed entrepreneur in the sustainability sector, has dedicated his professional journey to driving eco-friendly initiatives forward. He established SALVIS, a consultancy firm specializing in carbon-neutral buildings, where he serves as founder and manager. With expertise in LEED and BREEAM certifications and simulations, Samuel is well-versed in sustainable construction practices. Teaming up with Silvia, he's actively engaged in various EPD-related projects.

Ludmila Meciarova

Ludmila, is an award winning researcher recognized for her expertise in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and indoor air quality. She currently assists construction clients in the selection and acquisition of materials with EPDs and appropriate VOC certifications. Additionally, she actively contributes to the production of Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) for manufacturing clients, ensuring comprehensive sustainability solutions across industries.

Sarah Curpen
Business Analyst

A Civil and Environmental Engineer. Her expertise lies in leveraging advanced data analysis techniques to conduct hot spot analysis and market research. Sarah holds an MSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Her thesis work focussed on assessing the environmentally safe utilization of coal fly ash through chemical characterization and life cycle assessment methodologies. She is committed to driving positive change by uncovering sustainable solutions and guiding strategic decision-making processes.

Tomas Meleg
IT & Product Development

Tomas brings a diverse background blending psychology, graphic design, and programming, cultivated through his experiences in various IT startups.

Verification Team

Prof. Silvia Vilcekova

Construction Products

Sigita Židonienė, PhD

Construction Products

Shai Ben Aharon

Construction Products, Chemical Products

Technical Committee

Ing. Eva Krídlová Burdová, PhD.

Stavebná fakulta, TUKE

Ing. Marcela Ondová, PhD.

Košický samosprávny kraj

Ing. Vladimír Balent

Saint-Gobain Construction Products, s.r.o.