At EPD Square, competitive pricing is our hallmark, coupled with substantial bulk discounts. Our transparent pricing structure encompasses registration, verification, and publishing services, all without annual fees or hidden charges.

Our prices are updated periodically. Please stay updated by checking this page. The prices below are valid for the launch period of EPD Square Programme Operator.

EPD type Number of Products Total for Registration, Verification & Publishing (€)
Specific EPD 1 1740
Average EPD 2 2350
3 2950
4 3650
5 4300
>5 On Request
Sectoral EPD 1 or more On Request
Additional options
Ortographic changes 50
Publication in other languages in addition to English 100
Using custom EPD Design 500
Review/Extension of Specific EPD 1500
Review/Extension of Average EPD Up to 2500

Types of EPD

Specific EPD

In the product specific EPD there is no variation in the declared product. It applies to a single product or single service. This also referred to as 'Product Specific Type III' in LEED v4.

Average EPD

In the case of an EPD that covers several manufacturing plants or several variations of the same product, the reported average result for GWP-total should not differ by more than ±10 % compared to the GWP-total results for any of the covered products.

Not sure if your product variations would qualify for average EPD?

As a rule of thumb, if the production line and compositions of the products are very similar, then there are high chances that this product range would qualify for an Average EPD. For example, waterproofing sheets of different thicknesses could qualify for an average EPD.

Sectoral EPD

An industry association or any other group of companies may prepare an EPD as a sectoral EPD. A sectoral EPD declares the average product of several companies in a clearly defined sector in a clearly defined geographical area. For sectoral EPD pricing, please contact the secretariat (Place link).